Amerityre Corporation began in 1996 as a developer of polyurethane formulations, which were available for license to other tire manufacturers. Originally formed under the name American Tire Company, the company became known for its outstanding and unique formulations. In the early 2000’s the company developed a formulation to produce a polyurethane automobile tire, which became the first polyurethane tire to pass DOT testing. The company shifted its focus to non-automotive tire applications, developing and manufacturing proprietary, closed cell, polyurethane foam and polyurethane elastomer formulations for a variety of tire applications. From its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Boulder City, Nevada, Amerityre produces over 300 different tire and tire/wheel assembly variations. As the largest manufacturer of flat free tires in the USA, Amerityre provides tires to the bicycle, mobility, agricultural, lawn and garden, and industrial tire market segments.

Amerityre’s mission is to provide unique tire solutions to successfully address the needs of its customers. By utilizing its proprietary formulations and having in-house chemical formulation and tire design capabilities, Amerityre provides a product and service that cannot be matched by other flat free tire manufacturers, either in the USA or worldwide.