We decided to go with Amerityre tires because they actually work and they last. We have a lot of equipment that we place on wheel carts, with 2 tires on each. We have tried many tire types and brands and out of all of the tires we purchased, the Amerityre tires are still in the best shape.

The Amerityre tires we have been using are very old and are still in much better shape than the Chinese tires I just purchased 6 months ago. A lot of the knock off / cheaper tires have failed us. Some have folded over, some have ripped right off the rim, and others get deformed after just 1 days use to where we can’t even roll them anymore.

I have thrown all of the knock offs away and replaced them with your tires. After all of the issues I have had with the cheaper knock offs, it was a no brainer to go with your tires when placing my most recent order.

Christian Colburn
Sales / Dispatch
CRC Conveyor Rental Company
18001 S. Figueroa St. Unit G, Gardena, CA 90248


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