Golf Cart and Industrial Vehicle Tires

The Amerityre golf cart tire is one of our most popular tires. It provides a comparable ride to a properly inflated pneumatic golf cart tire. The tires are virtually maintenance free, and no flat tires means less equipment downtime and lower overall operating costs.

The Amerityre industrial vehicle tire is popular due to its ability to operate in environments unsuitable for pneumatic tires. Our proprietary closed cell polyurethane foam tire formulation enables the tire to operate in the harshest conditions without going flat.
Some competitors offer a “foam-filled” pneumatic tire as an alternative to a flat free tire. Limitations on “foam filled” tires include poorly weight-balanced tires, heavier tires than a comparable flat-free tire, and poor ride quality. Users interested in experiencing superior quality and performance should look no further than Amerityre for their tire needs.
Amerityre manufactures tires for the following applications:

  • Golf Carts
  • Personnel Carriers
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Stockchasers
  • Burden Vehicles
  • Electric Trams & Trailers

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