Pivot Tires

The Amerityre pivot tire design successfully addresses the problems encountered when using a pneumatic pivot tire. Our assembly of solid elastomer polyurethane segments attached to a galvanized steel rim will never go flat. The required air pressure check is a thing of the past with the Amerityre pivot tire. Our polyurethane segments are durable and resist field damage but at 80 durometer provide a bit of “flex” to assist in reducing mud buildup on the wheel as well as reduce gearbox load. We have two tread designs (our “low profile” segments and our “standard”, higher crowned segments) keep the pivot unit moving in all field conditions, while creating a field track that is comparable to a pneumatic tire. As a segmented tire, each of the ten polyurethane segments is individually bolted to the rim. If there is ever a problem with an individual segment, it can be replaced with a new segment by removing four bolts. This can be completed with the wheel remaining installed on the pivot tower. The Amerityre pivot tire has an eight year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

Amerityre’s proprietary urethane elastomer formulated segments have the following characteristics:

  • Flat Free – Eliminates field service calls
  • Maintenance free means no requirement to ever check tire air pressure again
  • Replace individual segment in 30 minutes or less
  • Amerityre pivots have galvanized steel wheel & hardware
  • Amerityre pivot provides superior performance in all types of soil
  • Amerityre tire floatation similar to conventional pivot tire

We farm about 2500 acres of corn, soybeans, popcorn, wheat, oats, and seed corn. We got 17 pivots we maintain. Tire pressure is an important thing to check in the spring to make sure the pivots are ready for the season. The advantage we see with the Amerityre pivot tire is they are trouble free and we don’t need to check tire air pressure on these tires. This is our second season running them and they have been a real good value for us.

James Garlisch, Forest City, IL

New Amerityre pivot tires push their way with ease through a muddy field

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