Our Technologies

Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam

Amerityre has developed proprietary closed cell polyurethane foam formulations that produce tires that are superior to other flat free tires on the market. The best way to describe this difference is to visualize how a tire looks on a microscopic level. An “open cell” tires has a cell structure like a sponge, which we know is proficient at absorbing water. An open cell tire will absorb water when exposed to moisture. The Amerityre “closed cell” tire, on the other hand, consists of millions of microscopic bubbles, which do not absorb water. The closed cell formulation gives the Amerityre products better weight handling capabilities, better rolling performance, and a more durable tire when compared to competitor offerings. Its performance is comparable to a properly inflated pneumatic tire. Feedback from customers and testing shows that the Amerityre closed cell foam tire is superior in the following areas:

  • Higher abrasion resistance leading to longer tire life
  • True closed cell technology means the Amerityre tire will never absorb water. For a video demonstrating this point please click HERE
  • High density polyurethane foam material gives each tire excellent load carrying capability
  • UV and ozone resistant material prevents the tire from premature break down

Amerityre’s closed cell polyurethane foam tires are used in tire applications for the bicycle, lawn and garden, mobility, golf cart, personnel carrier, and industrial markets. Our customers have tried other flat free products and concluded that the performance and reliability of the Amerityre tire is the best value in the marketplace. We invite you to try our tires in your application and see the Amerityre difference.

Polyurethane Elastomer

Amerityre has developed proprietary polyurethane elastomer formulations, sold under the Kryon and Elastothane names. These tires are used to produce tires for applications in the agricultural and forklift market segments. These applications require more abrasion resistance and weight bearing capability than our polyurethane foam applications. Customer feedback and testing show that our polyurethane elastomer technology is superior to competitor offerings in the following areas:

  • High abrasion resistance leading to longer Amerityre tire life
  • Better elastic properties of the Amerityre formulation leads to reduced tire operating temperatures
  • UV and ozone resistant materials of construction means no premature break down of the Amerityre product
  • No oils or plasticizers in our formulations make Amerityre tires environmentally friendly