Understanding the Amerityre Part Number System

The Amerityre part number provides a complete description of the tire being identified. Tires without rim are designated with a prefix of “10 – “. An example of a tire only part number is shown below.

Tires supplied on a mounted rim are designated with a prefix of “11-“. An example of a tire/wheel part number is shown above (all rims are white, unless otherwise noted):


  • 10 = Designates the part number is “tire only”
  • 4103504 = Designates the tire size; in this case 4.10/3.50-4
  • 250 = Designates the bead or wheel width; in this case 2.50″
  • BZ = Designates tire color and tread pattern; in this case black tire and zig zag tread
  • 2PT = Designates for use on a 2 piece rim


  • 11 = Designates tire and wheel assembly
  • 2802504 = Designates the tire size; in this case 2.80/2.50-4″
  • BZ = Designates tire color and tread pattern; in this case black tire and zig zag tread
  • O = Designates off-set hub (if “C” then it is a Center Hub)
  • 225 = Designates a hub length of 2.25″
  • 58 = Designates bearing size of 5/8″

Amerityre Tire Tread Patterns

Amerityre offers a range of different tread styles to meet the requirements of their customers. The full list of tire abbreviations is offered below:

  • B = Bell
  • D = Diamond
  • K = Knobby
  • N = Smooth
  • R = Ribbed
  • T = Turf
  • Z = Zigzag

Amerityre Bicycle Tires

Amerityre has a variety of tire tread designs for its tires. These are listed below:

  • A = All Terrain
  • B = Bell
  • L = Lug
  • M = Mountain
  • OL = Ocelot
  • S = Street
  • U = Uni-Directional

Amerityre also offers several bike tire inserts, which are listed by size with the word “INSERT” at the end of the part number.

Another critical measurement for bike tires is the measurement of the distance between the two rim clips on the rim. Aluminum rims have spaces customarily between 18mm and 20 mm, which is equal to Amerityre’s 1.50 series. Steel rims are usually wider, with a gap of 23mm and 26mm, which is equal to Amerityre’s 1.95 series.

Wheel Bearings and Bushings

Amerityre offers its customers three choices for bearings on their wheel assemblies. These choices are as follows:

  1. Semi-precision Bearing – This is our most commonly used bearing option. We offer these bearings in ½”, 5/8″, and ¾” bearing sizes . These bearings have a load rating of 220 lbs per bearing. These are used in low to moderate speed applications. Their advantages include low wear and low rolling resistance when properly greased and immediate rolling action. It is very important that the bearings are fully greased before initial use and as needed afterward. Our part numbers are listed below:
    • 1/2″ shaft size – 30-BRG-000007
    • 5/8″ shaft size – 30-BRG-000008
    • ¾” shaft size – 30-BRG-000009
  2. Roller Cage Bearings – Certain customers prefer a roller cage bearing design for their particular application. We offer these in ¾” and 5/8″ bearing sizes. These bearings are used in applications where high radial load capacity is required. These bearings must be fully greased before initial use and as needed afterwards.
  3. Oil Impregnated Bushings – This option is our newest option, and is ideal for slower moving, heavier load applications like wheelbarrows, carts, and handtrucks. Common applications are low speed operations in severe environmental conditions. These bushings are more durable and less maintenance than our other bearings. They are offered in ½”, 5/8″ and ¾” sizes

If you are not sure of the type of bearing you need for your particular application, feel free to contact us here at Amerityre for assistance.