No More Flats

Using proprietary polyurethane chemical formulations we have developed a high density, closed cell foam material that is superior in low speed foam tire applications.

All Amerityre tires are manufactured in the USA.

Our Technologies

Using proprietary polyurethane chemical formulations we have developed a high density, closed cell foam material that is superior in low speed foam tire applications. More information on these products and their applications can be found in Low Duty Cycle Foam section of this site.


Introduction of New Elastothane™ Formulations

Amerityre has developed a new group of formulations in its Elastothane™ family of polyurethane elastomer products. Named the 500 series, these elastomers have a lighter density than our standard 400 series elastomers, but provide better abrasion resistance and higher...

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Amerityre Wheelbarrow Tire

It is hard to believe but summer is over and the school year has started. Soon it will be time to complete the “Fall Cleanup” and other landscaping activities around the house, the work you put off due to the summer heat. After sitting outside behind the shed in the...

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Declare Your Independence from the Status Quo

Amerityre Flat Free Tires – Declare your Independence from the Status Quo As we all prepare for the July 4th weekend, there are several themes related to the holiday that you should associate with Amerityre and its family of flat free polyurethane foam and elastomer...

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The environmental drawbacks of conventional rubber tires extend through their entire life cycle from manufacture through use to disposal. This is due in part to the fact that rubber and many other plastic materials are mixtures of materials that are not completely polymerized.

Why Amerityre

There are many options for flat free tires in the market today. It would be a mistake to assume that all flat free tires are the same. Below is a list of how Amerityre differentiates its tires from competitor offerings:

  • All Amerityre tires are manufactured in the USA. Many of our competitors import their tires from overseas manufacturers for marketing and resale in the US market. Every one of our tires are manufactured in Boulder City, Nevada
  • Only Amerityre has a true closed cell, polyurethane foam formulation. Our competitors claim to have a product comparable to our closed cell foam, but testing and customer feedback prove that our proprietary formulations allow our tires to beat all competitor offerings in the areas of water absorption resistance, lower tire rolling resistance under load, and overall performance. A video demonstrating a side-by-side water absorption comparison test between Amerityre and a typical competitor open cell foam tire can be found HERE
  • Amerityre has in-house product formulation development and tire design capabilities. We often are required to design and manufacture custom tires to address specific client applications. Having this capability in-house allows us to meet customer requirements quickly and efficiently
  • Our patented manufacturing process and high quality materials provide a consistent final product. This reliability is something our customers can depend on to meet their requirements. Many of our competitors use inferior materials in their formulations and assemblies, which result in a product that rapidly degrades with use and consequently provides an unacceptable experience for the end user
  • Amerityre produces the ultimate “Green” product. Our formulations contain no toxic materials and require less energy to produce than rubber tires. Our finished tires emit none of the noxious fumes commonly found with the tires manufactured by our competitors