Amerityre has developed a new group of formulations in its Elastothane™ family of polyurethane elastomer products. Named the 500 series, these elastomers have a lighter density than our standard 400 series elastomers, but provide better abrasion resistance and higher static load ratings than our flagship closed cell Polyurethane foam formulation. The lower density elastomer creates a lighter finished tire than our standard 400 series Elastothane™. Within the 500 series there are different formulations that provide different final product durometers, enabling its use in a variety of applications. Like all of Amerityre’s products, the Elastothane™ 500 series is non-marking, resistant to water damage, UV ray damage, and ozone damage, and remains the “greenest” flat free tire available in the market. Our products on average last twice as long as a typical rubber tire operating under the same service conditions.

The development of the Elastothane™ 500 series of formulations was driven by the needs of our customers, who wanted a tire that had better abrasion resistance and higher static load bearing capability. Our primary target for Elastothane™ 500 was our larger tires such as 4.80” x 12 and 5.70” x 12, for applications that require higher tear strength, abrasion resistance, and static load capability than our PU foam tires. Applications in the industrial vehicle, heavy cart, and agricultural applications will be key opportunities for tires produced with this new formulation. We have also produced smaller tires with this formulation for the lawn mower market, where this formulation provides tires better wear and impact resistance against hazards encountered in the lawn care industry.

We are excited to offer the 500 Series of Elastothane™ in a variety of tire sizes and rim configurations. If you are interested in purchasing samples to evaluate how this new formulation provides higher benefits than your current tires feel free to contact your sales representative or us directly here in Boulder City, NV. We believe this formulation provides a tire that has superior abrasion resistance and higher static load rating when compared to competitor offerings in the market.

With its portfolio of proprietary elastomer formulations and large selection of tire sizes, Amerityre has the right solution for your application. Contact your Amerityre sales representative or call us at 800-808-1268 to find out how an Elastothane™ tire can address all of your specific tire needs.