Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are in an Amerityre Flat Free Tire?

Amerityre Flat Free tires are made from closed cell, polyurethane foam or polyurethane elastomer material, depending upon the type of tire and application. The polyurethane foam tires are referred to as “closed cell foam”, which means that they have millions of microscopic air bubbles within the tire formulation. This material minimizes tire water absorption, is chemical and UV resistant, and provides the tire with the bounce characteristics and performance of a properly inflated pneumatic tire.

Amerityre flat free polyurethane elastomer tires are a different formulation, utilized where more abrasion resistance and heavier load supporting capability are required. This type of formulation is used in our agricultural tire products as well as our forklift tires.

How durable are your polyurethane foam tires?

The unique characteristics of Amerityre tire formulations give it superior wear characteristics compared with rubber tires. Amerityre’s patented production process makes our tires denser near the outer edges of the tire, but the tire will continue to exhibit superior performance even in the event the outer tire is worn.

An Amerityre tire is resistant to UV sunlight, ozone attack and dry rot common with rubber tires. Amerityre’s proprietary closed cell technology minimizes tire water absorption. In fact, in comparison testing the Amerityre tire absorbs less water than competitor flat free tires. Tire rolling performance and tire handling decrease dramatically as a flat free tire absorbs water.

Will the Amerityre Flat Free tire leave marks on the floor?

Unlike rubber tires, Amerityre’s flat free tires are made of polyurethane, which is non-marking. This makes Amerityre tires ideal for indoor use because the will not mark floors. Pneumatic and semipPneumatic rubber tires, however, can leave marks on floors. Amerityre also has the capability to make its tires in a variety of colors, and regardless of the color the tires will not leave marks on the floor.

How do Amerityre flat free tires compare with competitor offerings on performance?

Amerityre tires perform as well as air-filled (pneumatic) tires for an identical load capacity. However, since the Amerityre tire will never go flat or lose air pressure, the performance of the Amerityre tire will not degrade over time.

Amerityre tires also provide superior performance compared with other flat free tires. Our proprietary closed cell formulation and patented production process ensures that the Amerityre tire will maintain its performance advantages over the lifetime of the tire. There is no flat free tire on the market that rolls easier or performs as well as an Amerityre tire!

Where can I buy an Amerityre tire?

The names of Amerityre tire distributors in your local area can be found on our website. If you do not see a distributor listed for your tire, please contact Amerityre. For those buying small quantities of tires we also sell tires through our website. For large quantity orders, please contact Amerityre to discuss our special quantity discount pricing.

How do I measure my tire size?

Please see the “Resources” tab on our website for an explanation on how to measure tire size

Does Amerityre offer other sizes than what is listed on the website?

As a provider of tire solutions, Amerityre is more than just a tire manufacturer. We have many customers and OEMs who purchase tires designed specifically for their particular application. Amerityre has in-house engineering, tire design, and tire formulation expertise to assist customers in determining and developing customized tire solutions for our customers. Contact us to discuss the particular requirements and needs for your project/application.

Why do the actual diameter and width of some of your tires not exactly match the tire size?

Tires in the tire industry are not exact. We have designed our tires to meet industry standards. The diameter and width that we provide in the tire specifications ares based on averages. Tires may vary slightly in size. For more information on understanding tire sizes, please see the “Resources” tab on our website.

Where are Amerityre tires manufactured?

Unlike our flat free tire competitors, all of Amerityre’s tires are manufactured in the USA. All product is manufactured and shipped from our Boulder City, Nevada facility.