Environmental Advantage

Amerityre : The Environmentally Sound Choice

Rubber tires are one of the largest and most problematic waste disposal issues our society faces today. We have seen the environmental impact of burning rubber tires in a waste tire dump. These piles of pneumatic tires, discarded as waste when they are worn out or damaged beyond repair, can burn for months, emitting toxic smoke that is harmful to the environment. Rubber tires may also leach components into the groundwater, such as heavy metals, zinc and other chemicals used in the rubber vulcanization process. Amerityre formulations do not contain known carcinogens often found in rubber tire formulations, such as 1,3 – butadiene, sulfuric acid, benzene, and carbon black.

Amerityre products are made of polyurethane foam or polyurethane elastomer, which contain no carcinogens. Unlike rubber tire formulations, our proprietary formulations are resistant to UV light and ozone damage, as well as resistant to water damage. Our tires will last longer than rubber tires, resulting in fewer tire replacements and fewer waste tires being sent to the landfill. Unlike rubber tires, our polyurethane tires can be disposed of in municipal landfills with no adverse environmental impact.

Amerityre’s proprietary, closed cell, polyurethane tires are also energy efficient. The Amerityre tire manufacturing process uses only a fraction of the energy used to make conventional rubber tires. The process also does not emit toxic gases during the manufacturing process. For the end user, Amerityre’s perfectly balanced tires and closed cell foam formulations produce a tire that is easier to roll, requiring less energy on the part of the operator to use. The Amerityre tire is designed to perform in a similar manner to a properly inflated pneumatic tire, all day and every day, guaranteed never to go flat. This makes Amerityre the choice for those individuals looking for a tire that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment on which it is installed.