Flat Free Bicycle Tires

Amerityre flat free bicycle tires are made of high density, closed cell, polyurethane foam.

They exhibit low rolling resistance and are puncture proof, making every ride worry free.

Unlike open cell bicycle tires, Amerityre’s tires do not absorb water or suffer performance degradation in wet environments.

Our materials are UV and ozone resistant and last longer than our competitor’s tires.

Testing has shown our polyurethane foam technology to be superior to competitive technologies in the following areas:

  • High abrasion resistance provides longer tire life
  • True closed cell technology means no water absorption. A link demonstrating the difference in water absorption between Amerityre foam tire and our competitors can be found HERE
  • High density, closed cell, polyurethane foam material provides excellent load carrying capability
  • Tires are UV and ozone resistant and will not break down like a rubber pneumatic tire

Amerityre provides a variety of sizes and tread designs for bicycle tires. Before ordering Amerityre bicycle tires, it is important to measure the wheel rim width properly so that the proper flat free tire size can be selected.

Click HERE for information on measuring and mounting bicycle tires.

I can happily say we have NEVER had an unsatisfied customer and NEVER had a tire returned!
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For a testimonial video, click HERE

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