The summer season often brings great weather, vacations and outdoor activities. Some people may be motivated to take a bike ride. In many cases this enthusiasm becomes dampened when a flat bicycle tire is discovered. The location of an air pump becomes a major search operation. Once found, it may be just the beginning of a larger problem. You find that the inner tube has a hole as the air in the tire hisses as you pump up the tire. You may have a replacement tube handy, or be brave enough to repair the tube with your patch kit. In any case, you will be spending the next hour repairing the flat tire. You finally get on the road, and the ride is wonderful! You are enjoying the fresh air, when suddenly you hear a hissing sound – your tire is flat! During the two mile walk home with your impaired bike, you have time to consider – there has to be a better solution!

Amerityre’s closed cell, polyurethane foam produces the world’s best flat free bike tire.

These tires have the feel, performance, and ride of a properly inflated air tire. Once mounted onto the rim, the tire is basically maintenance-free; no more air pressure checks or worries about punctures from thorns, nails, or other road debris. Like our wheelbarrow and hand truck tires, our bike tires are resistant to UV damage and dry rot, and will never go flat. Amerityre tires will remain balanced and roll like new, even if your bike is left outside in the elements for an extended period of time.

Our tires are very popular with users of industrial bikes, who often operate in environments that make traditional pneumatic tires more prone to failure. Refineries, factories and other manufacturing businesses that rely on bike transportation around the worksite choose our tires for reliable performance and low cost of ownership. Companies that operate bike rental fleets are also showing growing interest in our tires to reduce the amount of maintenance and lower the cost of ownership of their bike fleets. Amerityre tires are also popular for use on children’s bikes. No more spending Saturday afternoon repairing or replacing the inner tube on your child’s bike! With our installation tool and using our instructional video (both found on our website), tires are installed in minutes.

Amerityre tires can be considered a “Green” product, composed of non-toxic materials that require no special disposal precautions. The amount of energy required to make an Amerityre product is significantly less than an equivalent rubber tire. Our website has a listing of available bike tire sizes along with information on how to measure your rim to ensure proper size/fit of our tires. Order online now or check our website for a list of distributors located near you.

Responding to customer requests, we also have developed flat free tire inserts to replace the inner tube while maintaining use of the outer rubber tire. Our inserts, made of the same proprietary polyurethane foam as our tires, are becoming more popular for those consumers who want the protection of a flat free tire but desire the look and feel of an exterior rubber tire. We have several sizes of inserts available, and we are working to add these to our website soon. In the meantime if you are interested in a bike tire insert please contact Amerityre customer service for more information.