Recently Barron’s magazine released a list of “Most Sustainable Companies”, highlighting companies that focus on utilizing business practices that are positive for the environment while providing profits for their shareholders. Meanwhile, the movement towards “Green products” continues to gain traction in the marketplace. Many consumers are putting a larger emphasis on utilizing products and processes that minimize negative impacts on the environment. Material recycling, solar panels, and electric cars are becoming more prevalent in our society. Today I would like to share a few words on how Amerityre products fit into this “Green Product revolution”

Green Manufacturing – In contrast to our competitors, the raw materials used in the manufacturing of Amerityre products are non-toxic. Our manufacturing processes emit no smoke emissions or toxic fumes. In fact, visitors to our plant in Boulder City, Nevada have commented on how clean and quiet our facility is and how surprised they are that we manufacture tires at our facility. Our tires do not contain any of the typical toxic materials found in rubber tires – benzene, carbon black, etc. Our products also have none of the fumes associated with rubber tires and many of the polyurethane foam tire products produced by our competitors. These tires continually off-gas fumes long after they are manufactured.

The chemistry involved in making our tires requires very little energy when compared to a typical rubber tire manufacturing facility. Disposal of our tire manufacturing waste requires no special disposal requirements and scrap tires can be disposed of in normal landfill or recycled. The result is a carbon footprint that is much more environmentally friendly than typical tire manufacturers.

Energy efficiency – Performance studies of our tires against competitor tires, both flat free and pneumatic tires, shows that Amerityre products have lower rolling resistance and better load bearing capability for a given tire application. This results in higher energy efficiency, whether the energy source is a motor, a bicyclist, or an individual pushing a wheelbarrow or hand truck. Our tires have been adopted by individuals and companies who have realized that better equipment efficiency and performance results in lower worker fatigue, reduced energy costs, and a reduction in worker fatigue and the risk of worker injury, and reduced equipment failure.

Lower cost of ownership – The superior quality of Amerityre products versus our competition provides a better overall value for the user. The characteristics of flat-free polyurethane foam provide obvious advantages versus pneumatic tires, resulting in lower maintenance costs over the life of the tire. Amerityre’s proprietary closed cell formulation technology gives a performance advantage versus other flat free competitors whose tires utilize open cell polyurethane foam technologies or other materials such as blown rubber. Many users find that the Amerityre tire will last longer than the machine using the tire. For example, it is not at all unusual for an Amerityre customer to reuse their old Amerityre tires on their new replacement hand truck or wheelbarrow. When the reduced cost of ownership and superior performance is considered, one can quantify the extra “green” in their pockets as a result of using Amerityre products.

We are very proud to participate in the movement to “Green Products” by offering a superior product that is environmentally friendlier than our competitors. If you have not tried an Amerityre tire in your specific application I encourage you to do so and see the differences for yourself. I am confident that once you try our tires you will experience the superior value we provide to our customers.