At Amerityre we believe we provide the best tire VALUE in the flat free tire market. However, the term “value” has different meanings for different people. It is often difficult to apply objective criteria to a concept that often involves subjective measures. Today, I will spend some time quantifying the factors that make Amerityre products the best value in the tire market today

If you asked the average consumer what constitutes the best value for a particular product, many would answer that the item with the lowest price provides the best value. While the price is an important component when evaluating value, it is far from the only factor. Value determinations based on price alone imply that the other characteristics that affect value, such as product performance, quality, and customer service, are equal or have little value to the person making the evaluation. This may be true for the individual who is using the tire on a hand truck or wheelbarrow that is used infrequently or carries very light loads. In these applications a cheap commodity tire will likely suffice. For the user who wants a tire that can carry heavy loads, has high durability, and will perform well day after day, price will be less of a factor in their determination of value.

Amerityre has never been the “low cost” tire producer, and while we continue to conduct research and develop new, cost effective, tire solutions, the cost of the higher quality raw materials we use in our formulations puts us at a cost disadvantage relative to competitors. However, we believe many users in our target markets require a quality tire, with a level of performance that prevents them from using price as the sole determinant of value. For these users a cheap imported tire of marginal quality will not suffice.

I have listed below some other attributes that our customers take into account when evaluating which flat free tire to buy:

  • Better, more consistent tire performance – Our proprietary closed cell formulation provides superior load bearing capability and a ride that is comparable to a properly inflated pneumatic tire. The closed cell formulation also means that our tires will not absorb water, enabling them to provide a consistent performance day after day. Our patented manufacturing process consistently provides a perfectly balanced tire, every time.
  • Custom Tire Engineering support – Many of our customers require tires of specific sizes for unique applications. We have in-house engineering and tire design capability to efficiently execute prototype tire development and manufacturing. Questions and issues are handled quickly by our US based staff.
  • Higher level of Quality – A superior formulation results in a quality tire that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Our proprietary formulations create products that are highly durable in a variety of challenging services.
  • Superior service – Since we are a domestic producer, we can provide customer support that is better than our competition. Technical questions are answered by our staff in Nevada – there is no need to wait a week to get a response from an individual overseas. We also do not have “container load” quantity purchase requirements to minimize freight costs from overseas. We work with customers to provide the best product on the market, when you want it!
  • Environmentally responsible product – Our tires are made from formulations with high quality, non-toxic materials. Unlike competitor tires that always seem to have a “chemical smell” due to continual outgassing, Amerityre tires emit no odor. There are also no environmental concerns or special precautions needed when an Amerityre product has reached the end of its useful like and requires disposal.
  • American Made – As a major flat free tire producer who manufactures all tires in Boulder City, Nevada, our tires appeal to those consumers who want to “buy American”.

During the past two years Amerityre has looked at its business and made strategic investments in programs to increase our value proposition to our customers, by improving our offerings in the areas outlined above. These changes have enabled Amerityre to achieve profitability for the first time in its history. Our future success is dependent on continual improvement as well as staying close to the market and identifying what its needs are, and adjusting our offerings accordingly.

In my next blog entry I will review Amerityre’s recent quarterly results.