It is hard to believe but summer is over and the school year has started. Soon it will be time to complete the “Fall Cleanup” and other landscaping activities around the house, the work you put off due to the summer heat. After sitting outside behind the shed in the hot sun all summer, most people will find their wheelbarrow that the tire has gone flat – a victim perhaps of a puncture, dry rot, or UV damage. What a way to start your workday, repairing or replacing that flat tire?

For those of you who have already replaced your pneumatic tire with a flat free tire, you may think that, every flat free tire is the same, so your problems are solved. Unfortunately this assumption is not true. You may realize this when your imported, Chinese flat free tire rolls sluggishly due to the water this supposed solid tire absorbed during its storage outside. In other cases, the tire is not capable of handling the load you place in the wheelbarrow, leading to premature user fatigue, lower productivity, and in some cases user injury. Differences in materials, production processes, and design ensure that there is no”standard” for flat free wheelbarrow tires. However, there is only one true benchmark in the market for superior performance and value – the Amerityre wheelbarrow tire!

The difference in Amerityre products when compared to competitor tires can be traced to several factors:

  • Our patented manufacturing process ensures that every tire manufactured is perfectly balanced.
  • Like other premium products, our polyurethane foam formulations are made from the best quality ingredients. While this costs more, it gives us a finished product that has millions of small microbubbles, producing a closed cell foam that has better load bearing characteristics, does not outgas or emit noxious chemical odors.
  • Our ingredients are non-toxic and our tires can be disposed of with no special considerations when the tire reaches the end of its useful life, unlike rubber based tires. Our tires also require significantly less energy to produce than competitors producing rubber-based tires. This makes Amerityre tires the ultimate “Green” product.
  • Tests have shown that it takes less energy to move a load in a wheelbarrow with an Amerityre tire, compared to other flat free tires. Our tires help you to be more efficient, complete your tasks with less fatigue, which increases the chances the user will avoid injury.

With these advantages I am at a loss to explain why anyone would bother using a tire other than an Amerityre! Smart consumers look for the best value when shopping for a product, and when one does the benefit versus cost analysis for all available tires on the market, the Amerityre finishes clearly on top. Call or email us here at Amerityre to discuss your tire needs and to find your nearest Amerityre dealer. We look forward to adding more people to the list of Amerityre satisfied customers.