Amerityre Flat Free Tires – Declare your Independence from the Status Quo

As we all prepare for the July 4th weekend, there are several themes related to the holiday that you should associate with Amerityre and its family of flat free polyurethane foam and elastomer products:

INDEPENDENCE – Our tires provide independence – from flat tires, downtime, tire maintenance, poor tire performance, and aggravation. Our close cell PU foam tires are made of the highest quality materials – no funny smells or off-gassing with an Amerityre tire – and all tires are resistant to water damage, dry rot, and UV damage. They are ready to go to work when you are.

FREEDOM – Our tires have lower roll resistance than rubber tires and their load bearing characteristics allow you to move more material and get more work done in less time. This gives you the freedom to spend the remainder of your day doing what YOU want, while having more energy to enjoy it.

PATRIOTS – All Amerityre products are produced in Boulder City, Nevada. If you find a flat free tire that is NOT an Amerityre, there is a very good chance that the tire was manufactured overseas.  The fact that a flat free tire is made in the USA is not a reason in itself to buy an Amerityre, but why would anyone think that buying an inferior imported tire is a good idea?

REVOLUTIONARY – Amerityre products are truly unique and revolutionary. Amerityre is the only company that produces a PU foam golf cart tire. We recently developed a new elastomer formulation that provides better performance in high abrasion applications like baggage carts and lawn mower tires. We continue to work to improve our offerings to remain at the leading edge of flat free tire technology.

CELEBRATION – There are many people who have taken the decision to switch to Amerityre products, with results that exceeded their expectations. The differences between an Amerityre tire and an imported competitor tire are so significant that those who have bought Amerityre products are now loyal, satisfied customers, celebrating the superior value they experience every time they use their Amerityre.

Amerityre is a true American company, and I would like to thank our loyal customers who have been supporting us over the years, both in the USA and internationally. If you haven’t tried an Amerityre product in your tough application, won’t you consider giving us a call today? We relish the opportunity to solve your problems with our array of tire solutions. I wish you all a great holiday!