According to the calendar, Spring begins this week, although much of the country is still experiencing winter weather as this blog entry is written. Spring is the season of optimism for many of our customers – farmers, suppliers to the lawn and garden industry, and golf course operators. Warm weather brings out the farmers, home gardeners, landscapers, and golfers – and the need for Amerityre flat free tires to support these users.

However, we have seen a shift in the past year in the user base for our flat free golf cart tires (18” x 8.50” and 20” x 8.50”). Our tires are finding strong demand from industrial users, such as steel mills and large manufacturing plants, as well as equipment rental companies and security patrol companies. These users are finding that our tires are ideal for an environment that includes metal shards, packaging staples, and other items that invariably puncture pneumatic tires. Before finding Amerityre products, these users either spent considerable time and money repairing or replacing pneumatic tires, or attempted to used polyurethane foam fill in their pneumatic tires. While foam fill may seem like an ideal alternative, users have found that the foam filled tire provides inferior ride quality as the foam material will become very hard over time, contributing to a hard ride. The foam fill process is also very messy and can be expensive. Often it is erroneously concluded that a foam fill tire is identical to an Amerityre flat free, closed cell, polyurethane foam tire. The Amerityre formulation is a proprietary blend of high quality materials that produces a finished tire that is perfectly balanced, providing a ride and load support performance similar to a properly inflated air tire.

We have been told by customers that some Amerityre competitors also provide a flat free 18” x 8.50” tire. I recommend that anyone looking at competitor offerings compare our tire with the competition very carefully. I found a competitor who sells an 18” x 8.50” flat free tire, which at first glance may be considered a suitable replacement for our tire. However, a check of the specifications shows that our competitor’s tire is only rated for a 500 lb. load, while the Amerityre 18 x 8.50 tire is rated for a 900 lb. static load, almost twice as much. Our competitor’s tire is also sold on a rim that is incompatible with a standard golf cart or lawn mower hub, while Amerityre offers its tire on a 4×4 or 5×4.5 bolt patterned rim. The Amerityre 18” x 8.50” flat free golf cart tire also provides these other features:

  • Low profile sidewall design mounted on a 12” rim provides superior ride and load support
  • Proprietary closed-cell polyurethane foam formulation minimizes water absorption while also is impervious to the dry rot, ozone damage and UV ray damage common with rubber tires
  • Amerityre tires are made of non-toxic materials that emit none of the noxious fumes found with inferior tires produced with lower grade polyurethane formulations
  • Despite competitor claims that they are “America’s leading flat free tire”, Amerityre is the only flat free tire manufacturer that produces ALL of its tires in the USA, at its Boulder City, Nevada manufacturing plant. The majority of our competitors import their tires from Asia but lead consumers to believe that their tires are “American-made”.

Given the obvious advantages of the Amerityre flat free golf cart tire, it is no wonder that shrewd consumers looking for a superior value tire used in harsh and challenging applications have gravitated to Amerityre products. Our other large tire sizes (5.70” x 12” and 4.80” x 12”) also enjoy similar performance advantages in their tire classes. I have no idea why, given the above discussion points, anyone would purchase a pneumatic tire, foam-filled tire, or an inferior imported flat free tire rather than the Amerityre flat free tire. Amerityre provides the best tire value when all factors are considered, hands down! I invite you to give our golf cart tires a try, whether it is for the golf course or the industrial application. You will not be disappointed! If you find that your dealer is not carrying Amerityre products, do not settle for an inferior substitute. Visit our website at www.Amerityre .com for a list of our dealers in your area. If there is no local dealer listed you can purchase tires via our website or contact our sales office directly.