Summer is in full swing and for many of that this means outdoor projects, including landscaping and working in the garden. Often this is the first time in many months our wheelbarrows have been taken out of storage or retrieved from the corner of the yard. More often than not, this is also the time we find that our wheelbarrow tire is flat (again), which may involve finding the air pump and refilling the tire at a minimum. The worst case is finding that attempts to refill the tire with air are ineffective due to a puncture or other issue, which will necessitate a trip to the garden supply store to purchase a replacement tire. After installing the replacement tire, a minimum of a half day is lost, along with your enthusiasm to complete the yard work.

Some of you may have been proactive and purchased a solid tire when you bought your wheelbarrow, or as a replacement tire the first time you had a flat. This may have solved the initial problem of a flat tire, but if you did not purchase an Amerityre brand tire, your problems may not be over. Not all flat free tires are made the same. I can tell you about the superior polyurethane foam formulations Amerityre uses in the manufacture of its tires, providing a closed cell foam that has excellent load capacity capability and consistent performance. Our manufacturing process produces a perfectly balanced tire that has minimum runout. The question I often receive from those evaluating our tires and comparing them to competitor tires is “how do I know what you tell me is true?” Fortunately there are several sources of proof I can offer:

  • Water Absorption Video – On our website there is a short video that demonstrates a water absorption comparison test between an Amerityre tire and a polyurethane foam competitor tire. Our tire absorbs less water due to our closed cell foam formulation. The benefit of this is a tire that will roll as consistent as it did when you first bought it. Pushing a tire that has absorbed water is as difficult as it sounds – a waterlogged tire takes more energy to push than a closed cell foam tire.  You can watch the video here:


  • The Field Test – Our tire testing in house has shown that our tires roll more consistently and require less energy to move than our competition. The superior durability of our tires provides years of trouble free operation. I know of one user who had a wheelbarrow that broke down and needed replacement, and he took the Amerityre he had on the broken wheelbarrow and installed it on his new wheelbarrow to replace the pneumatic tire that was supplied with the new wheelbarrow. The Amerityre will not dry rot, water rot, or suffer UV damage. It can be stored outside, subject to the weather, with no adverse effects.

One of our business goals for 2017 is to increase market access to our products. Depending on where you live, we realize that purchasing an Amerityre tire may not be as easy as running to your local distributor or hardware store. Our team is working hard to enlist new distributors for our products, and a current list of our distributors can be found on our website.  In addition, you can now purchase tires directly from our upgraded website.  I believe that the only way to appreciate the Amerityre difference is to try one of our tires.  Whether it is for a wheelbarrow, golf cart, hand truck or bicycle, Amerityre has the superior solution for your application.  I invite you to purchase an Amerityre and see the difference for yourself.