Despite some recent late winter storms in many parts of the country, the calendar tells us that spring is here. The farmers are already planting the fields in many parts of the country and soon many “Weekend Gardeners” will be pulling out their wheelbarrows and lawn mowers to begin their own planting and lawn maintenance activities. Many of these individuals will soon discover they will need to deal again with that major inconvenience – THE FLAT TIRE!

Storing that lawn mower or wheelbarrow in the storage shed (or worse, outside!) for the winter almost always requires its air tires to be refilled, repaired, or in some cases replaced. It is the nature of rubber tires to degrade over time due to the effects of water, ozone, and/or UV rays on the rubber compounds of the typical tire. How discouraging is it to encounter a flat tire after taking the time and effort to pull out the mower and wheelbarrow buried in your shed? For some, this may be enough to persuade them to throw up their hands and head back into the house, hoping for a few more weeks of winter!

For nearly 20 years, Amerityre has had the answer to this problem – an American-made, flat free tire made using our proprietary polyurethane foam. Smart individuals who have made the switch to Amerityre products no longer need to worry about flat tires on their equipment – they know their tires will be ready to go when they are! A maintenance free tire is not the only benefit of the Amerityre product line. Studies have shown that Amerityre products are designed to handle more loads with less effort than other competitor flat free tires, many which are imported from China or some other overseas facility. Our website at has more information on how our wheelbarrow tires graded superior to competitor flat free tires in terms of force required to move different loads. While many competitor offerings only accommodate a 300lb rating for their wheelbarrow tires, Amerityre tires carry a 500lb or 1000lb rating for our “contractor grade” tire. It is no wonder that individuals who make their living moving material with a wheelbarrow, as well as those weekend gardeners who are serious about tire performance and quality, use Amerityre products. I encourage you to check our website to see the various testimonials we have from users of Amerityre products who have experienced the “difference”.

I will close this entry by saying a few words on the recent news regarding tariffs on Chinese products. Our government is making an attempt to “level the playing field” by putting higher taxes on certain Chinese imported goods, while the Chinese government has announced intentions to do likewise to certain US products sold in China. While our competitors importing Chinese tires for resale in the USA enjoy cost advantages due to the Chinese government subsidies, these proposed tariffs will not address this situation. Amerityre will continue to compete against these import products as we always have, by providing the market with a product that is manufactured in the USA, markedly superior in performance, and customer service that is second to none. Those who focus only on price at the expense of performance and overall value will likely continue to support our competition. If you are interested in a superior value over the lifetime of your equipment, seriously consider Amerityre products. We can’t rely on the government to “level the playing field” in the flat free tire industry – we need consumers to clearly evaluate the available products in the market and make the rational decision to purchase the best overall choice – the Amerityre product. If your tire distributor does not carry Amerityre products, do not settle for an inferior alternative – contact us or visit our website for the name of your local distributor.